Mathias Payer Mathias Payer is a security researcher and an assistant professor in computer science at Purdue university. His interests are related to system security, binary exploitation, user-space software-based fault isolation, binary translation/recompilation, and (application) virtualization. His research focuses on protecting applications even in the presence of vulnerabilities, with a focus on memory corruption.

Before joining Purdue in 2014 he spent two years as PostDoc in Dawn Song's BitBlaze group at UC Berkeley. He graduated from ETH with a Dr. sc. ETH in 2012. The topic of his thesis is related to low-level binary translation and security. He analyzed different exploit techniques and wondered how we can enforce integrity for a subset of data (e.g., code pointers). All prototype implementations are open-source. In 2014, he started the b01lers Purdue CTF team.

Some of his random ramblings on security-related topics are published on a security blog. You can find his publications under Publications or on Google scholar. His Curriculum Vitae is available as well.

Contact details:
GPG key: EFA9 27AD A903 528A 8E2D 672F 4E63 3EF1 3A04 8808
Social: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blog, My wife's (personal) blog
IRC:gannimo on freenode and
Mobile: +1 (919)-628-4427
Office:LWSN 3154M
Address:305 N University Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA.

Currently advised PhD students: Scott Carr, Ahmed Hussein.
Currently advised MSc students: Dominik Preikschat.
PhD committee member for: John Ross Wallrabenstein (Purdue, defended 141114).

Interested in joining my research group? Read this advice for prospective students and send me an email.