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  1. The PC Experience

    Program Committee (PC) meetings are this mysterious event where the fate of our research projects is decided based on a review of our paper submission. Especially for beginning researchers (i.e., PhD students) it is unclear how the evaluation and review process actually works. From a student's perspective, a paper …

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  2. Raising the BAR at NDSS 2018

    Just like every year, this year's NDSS was mid February in sunny (but not too warm) San Diego. To help cure the minimal 3 hour jetlag, I enjoyed a couple of morning runs with some of my colleagues -- if you want to get a workout done at a security conference …

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  3. SyScan+360 in Seattle

    Just a couple of days after Oakland '17 I attended my next information security conference. This year, SyScan+360 was in Seattle and I used the time between Oakland and SyScan for a nice road trip from San Jose to Seattle. SyScan is not an academic but an industry conference …

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  4. 33C3 CTF: Fun times

    pdfmaker (75 points)

    The first challenge I tried was pdfmaker. Surprisingly I spent way too much time on this simple starter challenge. I initially planned to use this challenge as a warm up but ended spending about 10 hours on it, mostly due to me overlooking simpler solutions that are …

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