1. 31c3 - A New Dawn

    Another year, another c3

    This year marked my 11th year of congress (and 10th visit with a short hiatus in 2012). Just like all the years before we headed to the conference location a day before the start of the 31c3. After arriving in Hamburg (after a quick detour through …

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  2. 'sploits or having fun with the heap, stack, and format strings

    As part of the weekly CTF meetings we discussed some basic stack-based, heap-based, and format string based exploits. For system security challenges these are bread and butter techniques and rely on a huge amount of pre-existing knowledge about operating systems, kernels, process creation, dynamic loading, C programming, stack layouts, and …

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  3. SyScan, day 2

    Breaking Anti-Virus Software: Joxean Koret

    Joxean gave a great introduction into worst security practices at anti virus companies. He basically dropped a large amount of 0days on a bunch of AV engines (I liked his opening statement "all bugs are 0days unless otherwise mentioned"). Using dumb fuzzing Joxean found a …

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  4. SyScan, day 1

    Opening speech: Thomas Lim

    Thomas gave a great introduction, the conference is as big as ever and attracted a whole bunch of different people. BlackHat Asia is going to stay in Singapore, so there will be some challenges in the future. Most speakers on the other hand preferred to drop …

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  5. Two crazy days in Tokyo

    After a couple of rough months interviewing for academic positions (there's another blog post coming up on this topic, so stay tuned) I headed off for some well deserved vacation time (and with vacation I mean a hacker conference, SyScan 2014 in Singapore). As there are no direct flights from …

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