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  1. SMoTherSpectre: transient execution attacks through port contention

    Side channel attacks such as Spectre or Meltdown allow data leakage from an unwilling process. Until now, transient execution side channel attacks primarily leveraged cache-based side channels to leak information. The very purpose of a cache, that of providing faster access to a subset of data, enables information leakage. While …

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  2. A journey on evaluating Control-Flow Integrity (CFI): LLVM-CFI versus RAP

    This post started out of the need to provide a little more clarification after a long and heated discussions on Twitter (initial discussion and follow up) about the origins of Control-Flow Integrity (CFI), the contributions of academia, and the precision, performance, and compatibility of different existing implementations.

    CFI is a …

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  3. AMD SEV attack surface: a tale of too much trust

    AMD recently announced the new Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) extension that intends to protect virtual machines against compromised hypervisors/Virtual Machine Monitors (VMMs). An intended use-case of SEV is to protect a VM against a malicious cloud provider. All memory contents are encrypted and the cloud provider cannot recover any …

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  4. Reversing JS email malware

    Another lazy Sunday (oh well, actually I should be writing papers and grant proposals but we are not talking about that right now) and I'm scrolling through my email when I stumbled upon a "FedEx notice" with your usual "you have not picked up your package" scam and I figured …

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  5. On differences between the CFI, CPS, and CPI properties

    At OSDI'14 we published our paper on [1] where we introduce two new security properties that protect programs against control-flow hijack attacks enabled by memory corruption vulnerabilities. The design space in this area is already very cluttered and we use this blog post to highlight the differences between the individual …

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