Gasland: worst documentary of all time?

Why does Gasland have a rating of 7.7 on IMDB? We tried watching that movie yesterday but it was so terrible bad and suggestive that we had to stop after 10 minutes.

Don't get me wrong, I'm totally in favor of protecting the environment and carefully (and conservatively) looking at possibilities how to extract resources so I would be the perfect watcher for this movie. But the "journalist" (aka the weird dude that felt he had to make a movie without any other credentials) was completely unable to convince us of his story.

First of all, the investigative journalist started with his own story on how these evil companies are trying to buy the claim on his land to frack natural gas out of the ground (that's were he's already saying that we all know that all these big companies are bad and evil - everybody fears the large unknown and what they'll do). The movie (I would not call it a documentary) continues with him driving around for hours (in a car, running on lots of fuel; in addition, he lives in a typical american house with thin wood as outer walls and apparently no insulation - so he depends on lots and lots of gas) calling up random people that already sold their claim and were burnt by the "company" in one way or another. These people tell us how they got sick after the company fracked the gas out of the ground and that their water is now bad. The "journalist" tries to convince us by showing a list of chemicals that they might use but he never does an analysis of the water that these people drink. All in all it looks like all these hillbillies that fight against mobile antennas because of the bad electromagnetic fields that disturb your brain patterns (yeah, right). At one point in time (shortly before we stopped watching) he went to a family that claimed that the can set their water on fire. He talked about it for a couple of minutes but never showed it, only saying that it "could" work. In summary we can say that the movie consists of a weird guy living in the woods that feels threatened by big companies that might or might not do evil stuff- the movie does not help with this decision. He drives around and talks to other dropouts how they feel about the drilling companies as new neighbors (remember, many of them got huge lumps of money for the selling the drilling claims on their land). We learn that they feel concerned and that there might or might not be a problem with the water. If Gasland were a movie I would rate it as 3/10 due to the bad plot; but as it wants to be a documentary about fracking that completely fails to do even basic research and only asks suggestive questions ("do you think that the water is bad?" "yes" "do you think the water made you sick?" "yes" "do you think the big companies are trying to extract all the money they can and hurt your health?" "yes") I can only give it a 1/10 as a documentary. The only good thing about the movie were the one-off nature shots that looked nice.