Dynamite and explosions galore: Point Pinole Regional Shoreline

For those that know us personally it is obvious that Lumi and I are the adventurous types, so when we had the opportunity to explore a dangerous dynamite facility we grabbed it! Point Pinole Regional Shoreline is a nice little park with a great view of the upper bay. We left the highway after Richmond and drove to the trailhead (passing a penitentiary on the way) and parked in the overflow parking. I guess it can get pretty crowded on weekends, especially on Sundays in nice spring weather (the park features several BBQ places as well).

The area of the park has been used for many years by Atlas Power Co. and other companies to manufacture gun powder and dynamite. When strolling through the park you can discover many old left-over buildings and bunkers that were used in that area. Some of these places look like old forts and are perfect playgrounds for children to explore.

As we were quite tired from our long Wildcat Canyon hike the day before we just went on an easy stroll through the park of 4.8 miles (7.8km). We explored several of the old facilities and sights but did not find any left over dynamite. On the other hand we finally set off Lumi's GeoCoin and we hope that it travels far and tells us interesting stories from abroad!

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