Tilden regional park: Vollmer peak

A quick and easy 7.2mi (12km) hike in Tilden park with awesome views of the bay area, including San Francisco, the golden gate bridge, Oakland, Emeryville, the bay bridge, silicon valley and much more.

We set off really late (at around 11:30am) and just drove up to Grizzly peek road where we parked the car at a trailhead. Unfortunately I forgot my GPS and we did not have access to the detailed OpenStreetMap maps and got lost once or twice with the park map.

The hike was an easy non-strenuous hike and we set an easy pace of like 2miles per hour (3km/h). Actually we had to stop every couple of minutes to enjoy the awesome and impressive views of the area. It's a great and easy hike if you only have half a day but still want to get out of the city.

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